Noel the Mini Angora Goat

Noel the Mini Angora GoatNoel is a mini Angora goat who arrived at MMCH in December 2009!  She was tossed away at an auction yard to be sold for slaughter.  Merciful Maiden bought her and brought her home.  She is very sweet and is now 14 years old and on special goat pellets as grass hay is a bit difficult for her to digest at her age. Merciful Maiden hand shears her three times a year. Her special food costs $14.60 a bag per month.  Can you help support Noel? She will be so appreciative. Thank you!

Paddy Cakes

Paddy Cakes

New baby born in June 2014 to rescued mama goat



Patricia, Paddy Cakes’ mother, was rescued off of a slaughter truck by the Merciful Maiden. An angry husband sold off his wife’s pet goats when she wasn’t home. She called in a panic that her pets had been sold for slaughter. Merciful Maiden made a quick call to a person “in the know” regarding local slaughter pickups….and found the truck that was just about to head out of Klamath Falls to go down south.

Merciful Maiden jumped in her truck and got in front of the slaughter truck and had him pull over. She purchased the three pet goats on the spot. Patricia, daughter of Tasha and Chicket ( the other two rescued) then birthed in June…a BIG LITTLE surprise as Paddy Cakes was so tiny that Patricia didn’t even look pregnant. Mom and kid are doing well. They are La Manchas, the breed of goat that has very short ears.

Seven, the Cow


SevenSeven is a rescued cow at Merciful Maiden Critter Haven. She arrived as a  calf in the picture to the right.  She has really grown.  Seven is extremely friendly, loving to lick your face if she can.  She comes when her name is called, and her moo is quite melodious.  Her best friends are the llamas and the donkeys.  Merciful Maiden Critter Haven is so grateful she is here and able to have a quiet life.
This is Seven, the Cow, today. As you can see from the pic below, she has grown considerably. She loves “her goats”, and she thinks that all of the goats are “her goats” and gets very concerned if she thinks any goat is in distress. She still gives very sloppy slobbery kisses upon request. Gotta love her!
Seven, the Cow

Gertrude Update

Gertrude the PigGertrude has really grown!!! She is now about 900 to 1000 pounds. Her favorite treat is vegetables and she loves to play in the water to have a mud bath. As you can see from the picture, her favorite pastime is getting her beauty rest.  Merciful Maiden Critter Haven is eternally grateful to Carol L. from Portland for financially making it possible to rescue Gertrude. Gertrude’s nose is a very powerful bulldozer, and she loves moving boulders.  She could really build you a great rock wall.  Gertrude is looking forward to the new greeting cards with her picture on them.

Gertrude the Pig

Gertrude has quite a an incredible story!  Merciful Maider Critter Haven was called out on an emergency.  A vehicle towing a very rickety home-made trailor flipped over on a busy two-lane highway throwing the pig 200 feet across the pavement and jamming the  trailor into the back window of the small SUV.  The Merciful Maiden was called to help with the pig, who,miraculously, was alive!  Three hours later with the help of three other people, Gertrude was coaxed and cajoled and pushed into the Merciful Maiden’s small horse trailor, only to result in the Merciful Maiden being told that the pig, Gertrude, was destined to be the main course at a party that night.  Not wanting to be arrested for theft, the Merciful Maiden tearfully drove Gertrude to the address given.  Luckily, of the five people at the house, one young man was a vegetarian, and unbeknown to the Merciful Maiden, the son of the people holding the party.  To make a long story short, he called that night and asked the Merciful Maiden to come get Gertrude! But his parents wanted to be paid what theyhad paid for her. A phone call later and due to the generosity of Carol L. in Portland, Gertrude was paid for and rescued. She is a Happy Happy Pig now.  She is content in her new shelter, digging up boulders and moving them daily! Thanks again Carol L in Portland for contributing so generously to her new shelter.  Welcome Gertrude to Merciful Maiden Critter Haven!!