Gertrude has quite a an incredible story!  Merciful Maider Critter Haven was called out on an emergency.  A vehicle towing a very rickety home-made trailor flipped over on a busy two-lane highway throwing the pig 200 feet across the pavement and jamming the  trailor into the back window of the small SUV.  The Merciful Maiden was called to help with the pig, who,miraculously, was alive!  Three hours later with the help of three other people, Gertrude was coaxed and cajoled and pushed into the Merciful Maiden’s small horse trailor, only to result in the Merciful Maiden being told that the pig, Gertrude, was destined to be the main course at a party that night.  Not wanting to be arrested for theft, the Merciful Maiden tearfully drove Gertrude to the address given.  Luckily, of the five people at the house, one young man was a vegetarian, and unbeknown to the Merciful Maiden, the son of the people holding the party.  To make a long story short, he called that night and asked the Merciful Maiden to come get Gertrude! But his parents wanted to be paid what theyhad paid for her. A phone call later and due to the generosity of Carol L. in Portland, Gertrude was paid for and rescued. She is a Happy Happy Pig now.  She is content in her new shelter, digging up boulders and moving them daily! Thanks again Carol L in Portland for contributing so generously to her new shelter.  Welcome Gertrude to Merciful Maiden Critter Haven!!