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A supporter established a Go Fund Me campaign, on September 7, 2023, to help us feed the animals. Please go to the campaign and contribute to hay for the horses, donkeys, sheep, goats,  and llamas! The link is:

Thank you so much for your help!

Merciful Maiden Critter Haven is a haven for many types of birds and animals and is located in the Klamath Falls, Oregon area. Merciful Maiden Critter Haven tries to rescue as many animals as possible from slaughter, canned hunts, abuse and neglect. For example, in 2007 we rescued 14 llamas from certain death. The llamas were being sold at auction and were going to be bought by a man to be used for a llama shoot. Fortunately, Merciful Maiden Critter Haven was able to buy the llamas and bring them to the Haven. More have since been rescued and some have been relocated.

Every day there are calls to help goats, kids, sheep, lambs, birds, llamas, dogs, cats, rabbits, and donkeys. If you are able to assist by making a donation towards the care of the animals at the Haven, please do so. 100% of all donations are used to feed and care for the animals. To learn more, click the menu items, above and right, and follow our blog, below.

Please help the animals by making a generous donation.

Noel the Mini Angora Goat

Noel is a mini Angora goat who arrived at MMCH in December 2009!  She was tossed away at an auction yard to be sold for slaughter.  Merciful Maiden bought her and brought her home.  She is very sweet and is now 14 years old and on special goat pellets as grass hay is...

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Seven, the Cow

  Seven is a rescued cow at Merciful Maiden Critter Haven. She arrived as a  calf in the picture to the right.  She has really grown.  Seven is extremely friendly, loving to lick your face if she can.  She comes when her name is called, and her moo is quite...

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Gertrude Update

Gertrude has really grown!!! She is now about 900 to 1000 pounds. Her favorite treat is vegetables and she loves to play in the water to have a mud bath. As you can see from the picture, her favorite pastime is getting her beauty rest.  Merciful Maiden Critter Haven...

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Gertrude the Pig

Gertrude has quite a an incredible story!  Merciful Maider Critter Haven was called out on an emergency.  A vehicle towing a very rickety home-made trailor flipped over on a busy two-lane highway throwing the pig 200 feet across the pavement and jamming the  trailor...

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Llama Shearing

Llama shearing time is here. Every spring all of the llamas are sheared, given vaccines,and hoof-trimmed.  Given their origins, llamas tolerate the cold (to a  limit, of course), but they cannot tolerate the heat well.  Furthermore, llamas are very stoic animals in...

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Our Donkeys

Big Shy Jack was given to Merciful Maiden Critter  Haven.   He had been purchased by his owner to be an “ornamental” donkey; that is, the owner wanted “something to look at” outside his kitchen window.  When  the novelty had worn off and he was tired of feeding the...

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Beautiful Bertha

After years of birthing offspring for slaughter,  Bertha’s time had come. Trembling in fear, limping badly, and filthy,   Merciful Maiden Critter Haven intervened and brought Bertha to her new home and Merciful Maiden Critter Haven.  The vet indicated that her leg was...

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