E-dopt a Critter

E-dopt a Critter is a way to contribute towards the care of a rescued animal on a monthly basis.  Feel good that you make a difference each month to the critter of your choice.

For $25 a month you can e-dopt a peacock, duck, chicken, pig or emu.

For $50 a month you can e-dopt a goat, sheep or donkey.

For $75 a  month you can e-dopt a llama.

When you E-dopt a Critter, you will receive a photo and bio of your adopted animal, a special thank you and, if desired, subsequent monthly reminders of your pledge.

You can contribute online by clicking the button to the right. When reviewing your donation, please click the “+ Add special instructions to the seller” link and tell us where you would like us to apply your contribution.

You may also send your donation to:

Merciful Maiden Critter Haven
P.O. Box 7273
Klamath Falls, OR 97602

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