Here are several quick and easy ways that you can help assure that the needs of the birds and animals at the Haven continue to be met. The easiest is to click the “Donate” button to the right and donate any amount you choose.

You can also help in other ways:

MAIL A DONATION: Please send your donation to Merciful Maiden Critter Haven, P.O. Box 7273, Klamath Falls, OR 97602.   (All donations must be in U.S. currency, please.)

GIFT CARDS: Gift cards with a minimum amount of $20.00 can be purchased from the feed store used by the Merciful Maiden. Please contact: Grange Co-op: 541-884-7733. Ask for Mike, Sue or Karen.

PURCHASE FEED: You can call Grange Co-op: 541-884-7733 and ask for Mike, Sue or Karen and purchase specific feed/supply items for the Merciful Maiden. While it is easier for all concerned to just purchase a gift card, you are also welcome to use this option. Items needed by the Merciful Maiden and her birds and animals are:

These are all 50 pound bags unless otherwise noted:

  • Cobb Mix (grain) $8.99
  • Rabbit Pellets $11.49
  • Egg Crumble (Fowl) $10.99
  • Pig Pellets $10.49
  • Emu Pellets $14,49 (22% protein)

HAY: 2 tons of hay are consumed each and every week. The current cost of hay is $100.00 per ton. Hay is obtained from different vendors depending upon availability and pricing. Thus, hay donations need to be cash or check.

VETERINARY CARE: Donations towards veterinary care are also needed. At this time,  checks can be sent to Shasta View Animal Clinic, 1652 Ditchrider Rd, Klamath Falls, OR 97601.  Please be sure to indicate that the donation is for the animals under the care of MMCH.  Thank you so much.

You may also want to E-dopt a Critter or Sponsor a Llama!

Bless you for helping!

Merciful Maiden Critter Haven Animals

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