Paddy Cakes

Paddy Cakes

New baby born in June 2014 to rescued mama goat



Patricia, Paddy Cakes’ mother, was rescued off of a slaughter truck by the Merciful Maiden. An angry husband sold off his wife’s pet goats when she wasn’t home. She called in a panic that her pets had been sold for slaughter. Merciful Maiden made a quick call to a person “in the know” regarding local slaughter pickups….and found the truck that was just about to head out of Klamath Falls to go down south.

Merciful Maiden jumped in her truck and got in front of the slaughter truck and had him pull over. She purchased the three pet goats on the spot. Patricia, daughter of Tasha and Chicket ( the other two rescued) then birthed in June…a BIG LITTLE surprise as Paddy Cakes was so tiny that Patricia didn’t even look pregnant. Mom and kid are doing well. They are La Manchas, the breed of goat that has very short ears.

Cole and Robespierre

ColeHere’s  Cole , the Nubian goat, and Robespierre, the rooster.  The owners of Cole did not want to sell him at auction for slaughter, and since they had heard that the Merciful Maiden Critter Haven helped friendly goats, they called.  Cole is quite a friendly character, and Robespierre, the rescued pet rooster agrees.  He habitually sits on Cole for the ride.  Cole is so good-natured that he almost enjoys Robespierre’s antics.  What a pair!

Bottle Feeding Baby Goats

OllieAt this time of year, Merciful Maiden Critter Haven gets many calls to help motherless baby goats and lambs.  They must be bottle-fed on a regular schedule. In  Ollie’s case, his mother died en route to slaughter.  Ollie and his baba ( bottle) are such a joy!