New Arrival – Keesha Dawn

Keisha DawnWelcome Keesha Dawn!  Born January 28th, 2011, to Augusta Dawn in a snowstorm no less.

It was touch and go for awhile as Keesha was very very small, but mom and babe are doing well now.  They will stay together at Merciful Maiden Critter Haven.

The Merciful Maiden had to meet a kind lady in bad weather in order to obtain some colostrum for Keesha as mama llama Augusta had no milk for Keesha at first.  Without colostrum, Keesha would probably not have survived.  Thank you Donna for meeting up with us to help Keesha.

Cole and Robespierre

ColeHere’s  Cole , the Nubian goat, and Robespierre, the rooster.  The owners of Cole did not want to sell him at auction for slaughter, and since they had heard that the Merciful Maiden Critter Haven helped friendly goats, they called.  Cole is quite a friendly character, and Robespierre, the rescued pet rooster agrees.  He habitually sits on Cole for the ride.  Cole is so good-natured that he almost enjoys Robespierre’s antics.  What a pair!

Llama Shearing

Llama Shearing 1Llama shearing time is here. Every spring all of the llamas are sheared, given vaccines,and hoof-trimmed.  Given their origins, llamas tolerate the cold (to a  limit, of course), but they cannot tolerate the heat well.  Furthermore, llamas are very stoic animals in that  they do not express pain or discomfort obviously to you.  So, unsheared llamas will suffer silently in the heat.  Humane treatment of llamas demands that they be sheared for summer/heat comfort and shade and water provided.

Llama Shearing 2My llama shearer is Lori Chowning from Montana (406-222-1553) who quietly and calmly shears the llamas.  They are NOT roped or thrown to the ground and traumatized.  They are gently secured to panels and quietly sheared and treated.  What a difference this type of treatment makes for them.  Donations to help pay for the llama shearing would be greatly appreciated!

llama Shearing 3


Our Donkeys

Big Shy Jack

Big Shy Jack was given to Merciful Maiden Critter  Haven.   He had been purchased by his owner to be an “ornamental” donkey; that is, the owner wanted “something to look at” outside his kitchen window.  When  the novelty had worn off and he was tired of feeding the donkey,   Big Jack needed to go.  He had never really been socialized much, so he was extremely shy and reticent to  let anyone approach him.  In time, he began to trust, and now he willingly seeks love and attention.  What a great guy!

Elvira and Emily came to Merciful Maiden Critter Haven because their owners were unable to brave the winter weather to care for them.  They carefully sought a home for them.  Elvira was very very shy, but Emily was very friendly.  Luckily, Merciful Maiden Critter  Haven had room for them both.  Next to Emily is the mini-donkey Captain Jack.  His owners decided to move to the city and needed a home for him quickly.  So here they all are!  Donations are needed and much appreciated for the farrier who comes every eight weeks to trim their hooves. The donkeys thank you in advance – hee-haw!

Elvira, Emily and Captain Jack

Beautiful Bertha

After years of birthing offspring for slaughter,  Bertha’s time had come. Trembling in fear, limping badly, and filthy,   Merciful Maiden Critter Haven intervened and brought Bertha to her new home and Merciful Maiden Critter Haven.  The vet indicated that her leg was permanently damaged, but that she was not in pain.   Now, Bertha is a happy, gentle ewe spending her last years in comfortable retirement.