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There is always a lot going on at Merciful Maiden Critter Haven.  So much that we barely have time to care for the animals, much less offer blog posts about what’s happening.  Nonetheless,  We REALLY want to make the time tell our continuing story here in the blog.  We also have plans to add some helpful information about animal care and other topics that we hope will interest and benefit you.  Enjoy!

Bottle Feeding Baby Goats

At this time of year, Merciful Maiden Critter Haven gets many calls to help motherless baby goats and lambs.  They must be bottle-fed on a regular schedule. In  Ollie’s case, his mother died en route to slaughter.  Ollie and his baba ( bottle) are such a...

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Llama Babies

Llama  mothers carry their crias for 12 months and generally only have one cria.  They are very private during the birthing, but it is a very big social event for the llama group!  The other llamas will come over to meet the new member to their group and will help the...

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